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  • H.Balkrishna Devadiga

    Congratulaion team Dubai Devadiga Sangha a memorable event With regards H.Balkrishna Devadiga MUMBAI INDIAN

  • Dinesh Kunder

    My best wishes for the upcoming 21st Anniversary of Devadiga Sangha Dubai. It will become memorable event under the Leadership of Mr.Harish Sherigar & his team.

    With regards,

    Dinesh Kunder

  • http://www.devadiga.com/pavanesh pavanesh

    CongratulatTeam Dubai Devadiga

  • Hiriadka Mohandas

    I wish the 21st anniversary of Devadiga Sangha Dubai a memorable great event under Harish Sherigar’s vibrant leadership.

  • Nithyananda Beskoor

    Great Going !

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